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Recent Events - 2016

STA General Meeting & Networking - 04/22/2017:

Yuengling Brewery of Tampa for an STA General Meeting & Networking Event. 

The Scandinavian Trade Association will be holding a general meeting on April 22nd (Earth Day) at the Yuengling Brewery site in Tampa. The evening will include a business meeting to discuss changes in our By-laws, election of officers and Board members. So if you are interested, this is your chance to serve. In addition, this will be the official launch of our planning for VIKING FEST 2017. We have selected the site – Tampa Brewing Company Westshore (Oldsmar) location with an October 7th date. The evening will include tours of the Yuengling facility as well as a short presentation on Scandinavian Sustainability and Lessons Learned that can be applied here in America.

This event will only cost members and guests $5.00 payable at the door. Starts at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Fun, light food, and samples of Yuengling fine brews are included.

The Yuengling Brewery is located at 11111 N 30th St, Tampa, FL 33612.

STA Annual Meeting & Networking - 01/19/2017:

Yuengling Brewery of Tampa for the STA annual meeting and networking event. 

An evening of exploring the role of aquavit and beer as symbols of Scandinavian heritage and learning more about the Scandinavian Trade Association and VIKING FEST 2017.

The evening will share a “spirited” tradition of enjoying beer and aquavit a tradition in Denmark, Norway and Sweden– sometimes together, sometimes separately. We will have an exhibition from the Danish Museum that explores the cultural history of these beverages, follows those drinking traditions to Scandinavian-American communities, and answers questions like “What IS aquavit, anyway?” and “How do you ‘skål’ correctly?” Fun, informative, and engaging.

Scandinavian Christmas/Julbord - 12/03/2016:

The Scandinavian Trade Association's annual Julbord is the perfect opportunity to bring your family together to celebrate the holidays! While Julbord is a traditional Swedish event to celebrate Christmas, STA makes the event a true taste of Scandinavia, building on the fine Swedish traditions. The STA Julbord is an extensive spread that has evolved from a variety of Scandinavian traditions.
Julbord is a classic Christmas dinner in Scandinavian countries. The word “Julbord” is made up of two parts: “Jul”, meaning Yule (synonymous with Christmas) and “Bord”, meaning table. Directly translated as the Christmas table.

Leif Ericksson "Mead-Up" - 10/09/2016:
Hosted by the Scandinavian Trade Association and sponsored by Tampa Bay Brewing Company - Westchase. Vikings celebrated Leif Ericksson Day by sampling special brews fit only for Vikings by the Tampa Bay Brewing Company.   Check out some photos on our Facebook page!
Viking "Mead-Up" Tour - 08/11/2016:
Vikings stormed into Ybor City and held hostages at the Cigar City Cider & Mead location!  Eric Hovland, STA 1st Vice President provided education on the history of mead, practiced traditional Viking horn blowing, shook hands and much merriment was had by all!  Visit our Facebook page for photos of the event!